36-Hour "Master Kujig" Fishing Tournament

Only former 2009 and prior members are eligible to participate in the "36-Hour Master Kujig Tournament"

This year's new members will be eligible for this fall's October tournament.

36-Hour "Master Kujig" Tournament Information

Start Time: 12:00 AM, Friday, June 11, 2010

End Time: - 12:00 PM, Sunday, June 13, 2010


  • 1. Kujig Award for the largest striped bass entered.
  • 2. A $25.00 gift certificate will be awarded to each member of the team with the most overall weight.

The weigh-in will be held at the Canal Side Tent in the Bourne Scenic Park on Registration Day, between 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM only.

The 36-Hour "Master Kujig" Fishing Tournament Rules

Each member of a team must catch, without assistance, their personal fish, which must be at least 32 inches long, and those weights will be totaled collectively for the team.

The team with the highest aggregate weight will be acknowledged as the winners.

In the case of a tie between two teams, the team with the largest individual fish will be confirmed the winner.

All fish must be "iced down" to prevent spoilage. Charitable organizations cannot accept fish not kept on ice.

Please try to "buddy-up" for parking at the Bourne Campground in order to avoid ill-feelings of the residents. We are visitors and do not want to lose the priviledge of visiting.

The 36-Hour "Master Kujig" Fishing Teams

It is up to the team captains to submit a team name at the Kujig weigh-in.

Teams were decided as best we could with emphasis on friendship, skill levels, experience and wild-ass guessing.

If any names were accidently omitted, or any other concerns arise, please contact Rob Willis (508-759-7134) or Dave Karp (508-965-1568).

Team # / Captains - Team Members

1. D. Pickett - B. Bourque, L. Silvestri, K. Morrissey, R. Roby, A. Malacaria, C. Daniels, T. Perry, D. Smith
2. Mark Malcolm - M. Elrick, T. Noonan, S. Gilreath, B. Gianferanti, R. Silva, J. Parker, W. Corey, J. Ferson
3. Walter Hess - B. McKay, R. Sullivan, W. Hess, W. Hess Jr., T. Qualter, F. Stanley, K. Foley, J. Kendzierski
4. Peter Hess - D. Hess, J. Hess, L. Hess, B. Ringer, D. Stromeyer, L. Stromeyer, B. Harding
5. John Thibodeau - D. Willis, D. Tobey, B. Rogers, J. Rogers, J. Ahearn, J. Hall, J. Cahill, M. Kennedy
6. Alex Searle - R. Willis, L. Davis, B. Ethier, M. Lasica, N. Clapp, A. Willis, O. Willis, Z. Dijakovic
7. John Dugan - B. Iodice, J. Coates, S. McClusky, R. Sampay, J. Ferranti, J. Collette, R. Collins, B. MacAusland
8. Bill Costello - B. Giambaresi, T. Orlando, B. Strout, W. Pina, M. Babbitt, B. Small, R. Amoroso, S. Walsh
9. Dave Willis - J. Krula, K. Malone, D. Chambers, D. Comrack, D. Lindquist, M. Kincade, K. O'Connell, G. Perelra
10 Ron Arra - R. Arra, J. Bonomi, R. Cadena, E. Poore, T. Benedict, A. Newell, J. Brown, T. McCann
11 Lou Papi - E. Emanual, J. Setterland, B. Thompson, P. Frani, K. Abreau, T. Blair
12. Doug Baker - W. Ethier, M. Baker, D. Centao, D. Andrews, M. Smith, E. Arcoite, B. Doyan, M. Roultowski, H. Baker
13. Bill Chapin - D. Chapin, D. Goulet, B. Willis, S. Barry, T. Thompson, M. Prevost, N. Rothwell, B. McClaren
14. Jim Ellinas - B. Ellinas, G. Kenney, B. Castle, D. Karaliolios, S. Sfougaris, P. Cochrane, D. Johnson, M. Peterson
15. Jim Judd - N. Field, P. Sullivan, P. Knorring, D. Cook, F. Ruscito, L. Vinecour, P. Sexton, R. Collins
16. Bruce Miller Sr. - R. Lubold, J. Tabor, J. Miller, B. Miller, P. Foley, J. Koder, D. Sawyer, A. Fournier
17. Randy Jenkins - A. Howe, P. Kozar, E. Cragin, B. McClusky, K. Clements, S. Kuzia, J. Klieimola, B. Berka
18. Paul Foley - P. Foley Jr., C. Griscus, B. Wilson, D. Morisseau, P. Demuze, B. Stanovich, T. Loughman
19. Bob Samuelson - B. McKinnon, G. McSharry, K. Ledoux, T. McCarthy, K. Smith, S. Burns, S. Migridichian, P. Gassett, C. Ladowski
20. J. Doble - S. Eldridge, S. Eldridge Jr., T. Gavin, D. Karp, J. Connors, J. Allen, T. Doble, C. Doble